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Food and mood

Joe Bradshaw

Sometimes, during the dark winter months, our mood can dip a little. But as our dietitians Sarah and Debs explain in this fascinating blog, making the right food choices can help to boost our mood at this time of year.

Low mood can be due to many things including not seeing enough of the sun, bad weather that makes going out unappealing, feeling lonely or unwell or that there is not much to look forward to.  Our food choices can really help to make us feel better and give us the right nutrients to support good mental health. 

Try to include plenty of fruits, vegetables and salad over the course of the day.  These foods provide essential vitamins and minerals and also support the health of our gut microbiome, the wonderful colony of bacteria living in the gut. Scientists are finding out more and more about the benefits of keeping this amazing part of our body in check, with clear links to mood and immune function already noted. 

Making sure that you have enough vitamin D between September and April can also help. The government suggests taking a supplement of 10µg vitamin D during this time as we are unable to make enough vitamin D during the darker months.

Some studies suggest that making sure you have enough omega 3 fats can help to reduce low mood in adults.  Try including oily fish during the week such as salmon, mackerel or sardines which are all good sources. 

Eating regularly and having balanced meals can also help to give you the energy needed to get out which can have a lifting effect on your well-being. 

Share how you are feeling with people around you - they may be feeling the same. And don’t hesitate to contact your GP if you need support with your mood.  

Here are a few ideas for food choices from Devon Farm Kitchen:

Salmon with sweet and sour veg [LINK]

Vegetable lasagne [LINK]

Baked field mushrooms [LINK]

Vegetable gratin [LINK]