Terms and conditions


Devon Farm Kitchen Ltd aims to create and deliver deliciously satisfying meals of the highest quality. We make every effort to stock each meal and dessert in our range. From time to time, however, we may run out of stock of certain products and we may be unable to complete your entire order. When this happens, we will advise you immediately and you will be given the opportunity to order a similar alternative, have the product sent on your next order, or cancel your order.

All prices quoted are in British pounds sterling (£). Our handmade frozen meals are zero rated for the purposes of VAT. Some additional third-party products may be subject to VAT and this will be included in the listed price.

Orders are accepted at the sole discretion of Devon Farm Kitchen Ltd and are subject to your bank or credit card being authorised for the transaction. All transactions are conducted through PayPal’s secure server.

Devon Farm Kitchen Ltd reserves the right to remove products from its range at any time without prior notice and without liability. Prices may change from time to time and all products are subject to availability.