Devon Farm Kitchen Celebrates Remarkable Milestone: 10,000 Orders and 75,000 Meals Delivered - Devon Farm Kitchen

Devon Farm Kitchen Celebrates Remarkable Milestone: 10,000 Orders and 75,000 Meals Delivered

Joe Bradshaw

At Devon Farm Kitchen we were thrilled to announce this month a significant achievement in our journey to bring fresh, sustainable, and deliciously satisfying food to your door.

As many of our regular customers will know, we launched as a social enterprise in March 2021 with the sole purpose of raising funds for Rowcroft Hospice.

And since that date we have now celebrated achieving our 10,000th order, resulting in the successful delivery of an astounding 75,000 wholesome meals to satisfied customers across the Devon area.

We take immense pride in our commitment to supporting local producers and retailers, and this milestone is a testament to the dedication of our fabulous team and the overwhelming support of the community.

Since our inception, at Devon Farm Kitchen we have remained unwavering in our mission to provide convenient and nourishing meal options that emphasise the importance of supporting local suppliers as well as providing a source of income for Rowcroft Hospice.

We ensure that all Devon Farm Kitchen meals meet the following criteria:

  • FROZEN FOR FRESHNESS - All Devon Farm Kitchen dishes are prepared by chefs and dietitians in Devon, hand-cooked and then frozen to lock in the freshness 
  • EASY TO COOK - you just remove the packaging sleeve and put the whole box directly into the microwave or oven, straight from the freezer
  • WE USE CERAMIC PLATES & BOWLS - All our meals and desserts are served on ceramic plates and bowls... not in plastic trays!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING - Plates and bowls are collected and reused, ensuring packaging waste is kept to a minimum to protect the planet. Boxes and sleeves are completely recyclable, as they are made from a compostable, carbon neutral board.

"Reaching 10,000 orders and delivering 75,000 meals is an incredible achievement for Devon Farm Kitchen," says General Manager Joe Bradshaw. "We are deeply grateful to our loyal customers who have made this milestone possible. It's a testament to the enduring appeal of freshly-produced, locally sourced meals, served on proper plates and bowls, and the growing awareness of the importance of supporting our local food producers."

This milestone also highlights the positive impact that Devon Farm Kitchen has on the local economy. By prioritising local sourcing and partnering with regional farms and food producers, we are proud to contribute to the vitality of Devon's agricultural community as well as supporting Rowcroft Hospice.

As we look ahead, we remain committed to our core values of sustainability, quality, and community support. Watch this space as we continue to expand our menu, exploring new collaborations with local partners, and further enhancing your customer experience.